research areas

We focus on innovation aspects, which are often overshadowed by research concerns, and on turning promising ideas into concrete and robust products, in a cost and time-efficient manner. Focusing on telecommunication networks & services and secure, energy efficient smart city applications, we are committed to continue along this successful path: Discover or conceptualize Innovation first, then turn it into working systems through intense and continuous involvement in cutting-edge research projects.

Accordion Icon Secure (big) data fusion and management in IoT and hybrid structures

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major conceptual and technological advance that has been maturing over the last few years and has been exploited in combination with centralized / cloud infrastructures towards the full exploitation of the Edge-to-Cloud continuum. ITML focuses on the design and development of technologies that facilitate fast and secure multimodal (big) data fusion from edge devices, as well as data management, preprocessing and availability in multiple domains (e.g., industrial environments, smart cities, maritime industry).

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Accordion Icon Trustworthy AI-based data analytics

The full exploitation of Artificial Intelligence demands not only for accuracy, efficiency, and speed, but also for transparency, trustworthiness and explainability, in order to ensure that the users of systems are able to fully understand and operate AI-based systems. ITML deploys AI-based solutions in multiple domains, focusing on all these attributes and ensuring that AI serves its purpose.

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Accordion Icon Network and System Security

Cybersecurity, infrastructure monitoring, data protection and threat intelligence have become critical for the operation and viability of industries during the last years. ITML delivers a customized, end-to-end solution that provides Infrastructure monitoring, Passive & Active Monitoring for Large-scale Networks, Anomaly Detection in High-Speed Networks, and Incident management in an intelligent and user-friendly manner; it adjusts the offering in different types of infrastructures (e.g., cloud based, IoT) and for multiple domains (e.g., Healthcare, Social care, Genomics, Manufacturing).

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Accordion Icon User Interfaces and User Experience (UI/UX)

The full exploitation of any digital system depends on its acceptance from the potential users. ITML not only delivers new experiences that are attached to the end users, but also focuses on state-of-the-art research on the design of customizable interfaces tailor-made to different personas, as well as on automation with respect to accurate and efficient assessment of the user acceptance levels.

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